AMOS, Australian Metabolic & Obesity Surgery, offers the full range of the latest weight-loss solutions delivered by a holistic multi-disciplinary team all under the one roof.

All procedures are scientifically-proven to be safe and effective, and all practitioners are Board-certified, tertiary-trained, registered Health Professionals with extensive experience in obesity management.

Our bariatric surgeon Dr Justin Bessell works as a weight loss surgeon looking after insured and uninsured patients. He deals with the whole spectrum of upper gastrointestinal surgery and can offer ALL surgical options to you. He is a cut above the rest!

We have a number of dedicated Bariatric GPs lead by Teresa and Zanna of Re:You Health. They work as regular GPs as well, so can deal with just about everything you ask them!

Our dietitians are easy, approachable and knowledgeable. They deal with a range of issues, including surgical and non-surgical weight loss. 

Good Exercise Physiologists are hard to come by - we have great ones! Sara and Chris lead an amazing team.

Dealing with your weight issues can seem like the best of times and the worst of times, in Chris we have a clinical psychologists who works with patients like yourself full time.

The front of line staff are there with you the whole way and will understand, organise and sort you out!

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