The best outcomes with any weight loss solution involve a change in lifestyle. At AMOS we will help you work smarter, not harder and help you to create a realistic lifestyle plan that will keep you motivated, supported and on the right track.

Our team of experienced Accredited Practising Dietitians & Nutritionists understand that food is so much more than nutrition and weight, and will help you navigate the minefield of information when it comes to ‘what to eat’. We will continue to offer you as much regular support, motivation and education as you need to achieve your goals.

AEP Health Group’s Exercise Physiologists can help, motivate and guide you to change your lifestyle to improve your health and weight.

When implementing lifestyle change sometimes less is more. Most often, the all or nothing approach is tried, which is not sustainable long term as expectations are set way too high to what can actually be achieved.

We will help you discover the benefits of moderation, balance and consistency so that you will achieve your health goals through lifestyle changes. Follow up support will provide you with motivation and the reassurance that your health, and weight is moving in the right direction.

For non-surgical weight loss, we highly recommend assessment of your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) through gas analysis which can be completed when requested at time of booking. This test is the gold standard assessment for measuring your metabolism at rest and is important to use when you require or request a calorie controlled diet or if your weight has reached a plateau. Follow Up appointments will be scheduled for extra support, reassessment and reevaluation of your goals and can also include personal training, exercise prescription for home or your current gym, or group exercise classes at one of our four clinics across Adelaide.

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